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McGill UniversityMcGill is an innovative university nearly 200 years in the making. From Nobel Laureate Ernest Rutherford’s discovery of radioactivity, to groundbreaking neuroscience research at The Neuro, McGill’s renowned research institute and teaching hospital, our campuses have always been home to world-changing ideas.

Today, in 11 Faculties and 13 professional schools, more than 40,000 students and 5,000 faculty members strive to bring their great ideas from the lab and the classroom to Montreal—and beyond—through the dissemination of knowledge and technologies, licensing of research outcomes, social and commercial start-ups, and numerous creative partnerships.

We are a global research institution with deep roots in Montreal—McGill has consistently ranked first in Canada among medical-doctoral universities and, since 2007, as one of Montreal’s Top Employers.

Innovation and Partnership (I+P) is the heart of partnership-driven research and technology transfer activities at McGill. Here, researchers and inventors meet with partnership builders and those skilled at forging new opportunities, as well as specialists in technology transfer and patents. Their shared goal is to ensure that McGill ingenuity ultimately benefits the greater community.

Among the daring ideas to have emerged recently from McGill, which has produced hundreds of patents and products over the years, are the world’s first graphene high-performance headphones, as well as socially responsible cosmetics based on nanomaterial technology.

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