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Become an eduZone partner to distribute your innovations and training tools

Some innovations don’t fit

A significant number of innovations simply do not fit the traditional technology transfer model for various reasons:

  • Non patentable.
  • No significant commercial market value.
  • No interest from potential business partners, etc.

However, these innovations certainly have social value and they may still have commercial value. But what tech transfer solution is required?

Why reinvent the wheel?

The platform used by eduZone was created by Univalor, a university technology transfer organization with over 17 years of successful operation. eduZone provides an online marketing and distribution platform for tools created from public research. eduZone understands the challenges faced in tech transfer that may not fit the traditional model. provides a proven solution

  • Assures the distribution and sale of your tools through a secure online platform.
  • Promotes your technology and your services.
  • Increases the notoriety of your researchers and your institution.
  • Has no initial cost for a basic partner package.
  • Requires a non-exclusive license, so you can continue with other distribution channels if desired.
  • Measures the impact of your distribution.

Who can be an eduZone partner?

eduZone partners are public research institutions that want to distribute their innovations. These innovations are in the form of tools with a practical application such as case studies, guides, tests, training kits, softwareapps, online courses and training, "eTextBook", etc. Tools can be downloadable digital files, access to online learning material, or physical products. They can be from any discipline such as business managementhealthhumanities and science and engineering.

How does this work?

By entered into a non-exclusive master license agreement, the partner provides eduZone with a license to distribute its tools for sale or for free while protecting the IP of the partner institution and its authors/researchers.

Okay, let’s get started!

eduZone has different partner packages to fit any requirement or budget.


Contact us by email or by phone if you would like more information or to talk to an eduZone representative.