New Resources for Case-Based Learning: Digital Books on Writing, Learning and Case-Based Training

A few weeks ago, we announced a new collection of teaching materials from WITS Business School, a large South-African case center (see article). This allows eValorix to offer new cases in English that address the specificities of the commercial environment in South Africa, specificities we can hardly approach with international cases. The eValorix catalog is now composed of two large case collections from our partners: The HEC Montréal Case Center and the WITS Business School Case Centre.

Practical and comprehensive guides for students and teachers interested in the case method

In addition to the catalog of educational cases, eValorix now offers several digital books to better understand and use cases. Case-based learning raises several challenges. How to animate a class? How to create and sustain interest? How to guide discussion and debate? These are challenges faced by trainers who use case studies. (See article).

Discover 3 new essential resources in order to better produce and use pedagogics cases. 

Book  Learning with Cases  Teaching with Cases « Writing Cases »
Abstract The goal of this book is to help students maximize their learning with cases within a reasonable amount of time. This book is written for those interested in participative learning. Clear and practical guide on how to write good cases quickly.
Objectives Learning with cases ‘ two main goals are to help :

  1. Students learn better and faster with cases;
  2. Teachers to be more effective in teaching with cases.


Teaching with Cases helps teachers and writers to :

  1. Become more effective in their use of cases;
  2. Instruct their students on how to prepare for class and contribute in class;
  3. Valuate and counsel students.
Writing Cases’ objectives are to :

  1. Help case writers and teachers write good cases quickly;
  2. Help teachers assess cases written by others for their suitability.
Languages French, English, Spanish English English


Essential resources on the method of cases by recognized authors

The three books were written by Michiel R. Leenders, Louise A. Mauffette-Leenders and James A. Erskine, recognized trainers in the world of pedagogical studies. Together, the authors have more than 100 years of experience in the field of case-based learning. As students, they learned by the method of the case. As professors, they have written hundreds of cases and have used this method with more than 50,000 students and executives. They have also trained over 20,000 teachers around the world using their widely recognized books on writing and teaching cases.