University of Manitoba

Innovative teaching and research excellence

Since 1877, the University of Manitoba has been driving discovery and inspiring minds through innovative teaching and research excellence. Proudly located in the heart of Canada.

11 research themes

Research at the university is focused on 11 themes:

  • Arctic system science and technology
  • Culture and creative works
  • Fundamental research
  • High performance materials, structures and processes
  • Human rights and social justice
  • Integrative research in health and wellbeing
  • Safe, healthy, just and sustainable food systems
  • Sustainable water management systems
  • Understanding and communicating information
  • Indigenous research
  • Sustainable systems for resilient communities

Partnerships around the world

The university has partnered with over 500 institutions, businesses and governments in Canada and around the world, providing students and researchers with opportunities to learn, discover and exchange knowledge on a global scale.

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