Information for Teachers

How to create an eduZone account

If you don't have an eduZone account, you can create it here.

Please note that an HEC Montreal Case Centre account is not the same as an eduZone account.

“Teaching License”

Once an eduZone account has been created, teachers can purchase a "Teaching License" that allows them to distribute a case study to their entire class in print or digital format. It’s perfect for in-classroom or online classes. To benefit from this license, you must apply for teacher status here. Once approved, you will have the right to purchase this license and obtain the corresponding files.

Teaching Notes

In addition, if you are a university professor you can ask the HEC Montreal Case Centre for teaching notes for HEC case studies, depending on availability.

Case Study Package

If you and your colleagues are considering purchasing multiple cases, your institution may purchase a prepaid case study package and you benefit from:

  • A 10% discount for 10 cases, 15% for 15 cases and 20% for 20 cases or more
  • Choose case studies as needed
  • Instant access to teaching notes
  • Centralized billing and payment by the institution, so an online purchase is not necessary

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a case study package.

Other questions?

For all other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you.