eValorix: for access to reliable public health information

Info or intox? Vaccination is dangerous for your health, okra kills 72% of cancer cells or wearing a mask reduces your oxygen level?

Information on illnesses, nutrition and vaccination are varied and their distribution on the internet can spread six times faster than any other information. Today, it is therefore increasingly difficult for the general public to verify the validity of the information that they find.

The result is a lot of myths and misinformation on a large number of social issues, and mainly in the health field. Although they are only shared by 8.5% of Internet users, “fake news” seems to fascinate readers, despite their lack of accuracy and the absence of an official source.

Since its creation, eValorix has worked with universities and health institutions to make available to the public, students and professionals, a catalogue of more than 2,000 products. All content is produced by researchers, whether in public health, medicine, geriatrics or even pediatrics.

In summary, before sharing or using information that will have an impact on your health and that of your loved ones, always remember to check the source.

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